Play poker & other variants of card games on Poker Dangal & GetMega app


Poker and other card games are the most favourite games that you can play either online or offline. There are also different variants of popular casino card games, and if you master this game well, you can have a better hand while playing with others. It is a kind of game that requires some skills and a high level of judgment on what might happen if you make a particular move. It is a thriving game that rewards most players who can understand their opponent. You can use your opponent’s weakness and be your strong point.

From newbies to experts, they can play this game because it’s entertaining and at the same time it gives you the challenge of how to play with your opponent. Let’s see what, how, and why you should play poker and other variants of card games on the Pokerdangal and GetMega app.

Poker variants

Pokerdangal has multiple ways that you can use to play poker using their app. There are both free and paid tournaments that you can play. If you are a new player, they will offer you free games to master your skills.

Also, there are several variants that you can play using the GetMega app. You can play the best card games available on their platform. Their app is fast and does not have any distractions, and also the games are genuine so that you will have a fantastic experience playing on their platform.

Real money for poker

Pokerdangal has real money games that are available on their app that cater to every skill.

GetMega is also a super thrilling app for making money while playing poker games online using their app. If you are a newbie, you can teach yourself through the tutorial they offer and practice with the free games, and after you have mastered your skills well, you can choose a contest and play to win real money.

Poker promotions

With Pokerdangal, you can play their online games and win the latest gadgets, trips, real money, and many other things. Also, if you played and won on their platform, you can get loyalty points that you can later convert to real money.

For the Getmega, you can get into a contest free of charge and get rewarded. Also, you can get rewarded if you refer friends to the platform if they complete their first deposit. With the GetMega app, you will get an exciting offer with high stake offers, and you can even win more than ₹500,000 in a single week. You can see their app for the promotional offers they have every day. They have another offer called cashback offer, where you can win some cash while depositing money into your account.


Pokerdangal app was designed to give the player a simple and fair platform for poker games. It is easy to manoeuvre through, even if you are a newbie in this field.

The GetMega app has been tested, certified, and reviewed, so you do not have to worry about the games they offer on the app. Also, the games are governed by standard rules where everyone knows, and you can play under the rules everyone understands. Therefore this platform is fair for playing.

How to play using the app?

Pokerdangal app has free games to learn how to play poker before you start playing with real money.

For the GetMega app, you will get all the game rules available, displayed at the beginning of the game you want to play. You can follow the fun tutorial on the app to acquaint yourself with the game before you start. After you are ready, then you can start playing.


Pokerdangal and Getmega are the Indian best gaming apps that you can use to play poker online. You can enter into a contest, and if you are lucky enough, you can start earning money and other rewards.