Cryptobrite forex and trading platform.

One of the developments concerns the CB-Coin and the Investment companythat we are starting. It is about the exchange that we are creating, which is going to be fully regulated, which is going to be an MTF, which is a multilateral trading system, the reason why we have been sparse with communication so far and in fact, for now, We really don’t want to reveal too much information because it is a highly competitive market.

The more information a competitor can obtain, the more dangerous it is for us to jeopardize some of our business opportunities. So we kept it very strict and secret. We give less information instead of more. Well, we are working on the index, which is basically just for you, and keeps it as quiet as possible while we work on the index.

The site is basically the first fully regulated index to use traditional funds and modern forms of investment Company and it is calculated. so that we have cryptocurrencies, various tokens, as well as regular investment vehicles like stocks, for example.

And we are going to group them into a family of indices, a family of various indices that are not only good for retail investors but also for institutional investors, and the reason for this is that we back large amounts of money, we support institutional investors, the legal and general of this world, or the standard and the poor, and we want them to be traded on different exchanges. And finally, also on our own exchange, which is why we are currently working to ensure that it is the first exchange in the multilateral cryptobrite  trading mechanism to be fully certified and regulated.

And it will operate in a regulated market here in Canada and operate globally in the distant future. In short, the index project that gives rise to the index company will be the first to hit the market later this year. We have already discussed this with a group of people, a group of market makers and experts and they all agree that it is a great opportunity.

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